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Contact Information for Forum Speakers

  Lotson Griffin, Councilmember,City of Darien

  The Life of  a Slave – 


     Kesha Gibson-Carter, Alderwoman, City of Savannah – 

          The Weeping Time-


Bernetta Lanier, Alderwoman, City of Savannah –

    Dr. Maxine Bryant, Director Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Center, and  Director of The Africana Center at Georgia Southern University  –

     The Legacy of Enslavement –


Dr. Amy Potter, Associate Professor Department of Geology and Geography  Georgia Southern –

The History of Commemorating Enslavement

     Dr. Kara Bridgeman Sweeney, Lecturer of Anthropology, Georgia Southern University and Director of the Digging Savannah

  Researching the History and Significant Locations of Enslavement